Vibration and frequency analyses are superb tools when it comes to determining the condition of rotating machinery. If you suspect that there is a problem with a machine, you can greatly benefit from making a frequency measurement and a subsequent analysis. This analysis can be used to determine where in the machinery the actual problem is (motor, bearings, clutch, gears, etc.) and thereby you can avoid having to take the entire machine apart – you only need to dismantle the part where the problem is. Moreover, over time, you will be able to “find the weak link in the chain”.
The method is non-invasive, meaning that the machinery does not have to be taken apart or stopped in order to make the measurements – in most cases, they can be made while the machine is operating normally. By taking at least three measurements over time, you will be able to predict when it becomes necessary to schedule a service check on the machine and thereby avoid unwanted stops/breakdowns.

A condition report has the following benefits:
• Achieve increased productivity, avoid breakdowns
• Achieve improved economy, bottom line.
• You can schedule the optimal time for carrying out repair work.
• The relevant spare parts for the task can be ordered in good time so that they are ready when the repair work is to be carried out.
• Gain optimal use of your own resources and the resources of others.
• Be able to find the “weak link” in the machine.

For over 15 years, PRONOR IndustriTeknik has carried out frequency measurements on behalf of our customers. Throughout this period, we have been working closely with numerous customers to optimize their production systems, resulting in their having a significantly longer service life today than when we started the frequency measurements.


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