PRONOR IndustriTeknik A/S has 40 employees and departments in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Ringe, Aalborg, Herning, Middelfart, and Haslev. We serve more than 2,500 customers with spare parts and technical components as well as perform service and repair work on industrial engineering facilities in order to optimize and keep production running without expensive and unnecessary production stops.

Therefore, our motto is: “We keep the wheels turning”, as that is precisely what we do – and our ambition is to always be professional, productive, and proactive. We look forward to helping you keep the wheels turning in your company.


Our main phone number is open 24/7 if you find yourself in urgent need of assistance.


Our main phone number is open 24/7 if you find yourself in urgent need of assistance.


With the name PRONOR IndustriTeknik, we have also made a promise to our customers:
We will be a Professional partner, act Proactively, and make our strength the Productivity of the companies that we serve.

And then, of course, there’s the “NOR” part of our name – it is no secret that we are proud of being a Danish company and that we appreciate the Nordic values and traditions of quality, design, good craftsmanship, and the will to take the initiative and responsibility.


PRONOR IndustriTeknik’s mission is to help industrial and utility companies to become more competitive. We develop and sell service and maintenance solutions that help our customers optimize their production and to keep it running, and this includes environmental optimization and increased production output.

In other words: “We keep the wheels turning.”


PRONOR IndustriTeknik A/S is a company with a long history and has serviced the Danish industry for more than 70 years. PRONOR was formerly known as Grene Industri-Service, including Århus Elektro, Herning Elektro, Midtfyns Elektro, and Grenå Elektro.

In spring 2013, the company was sold to Søren Nedergaard in connection with the listed company, Schou & Co, first wanting to sell Grene Industri Service and later the entire Grene group. Today, Søren Nedergaard is the CEO of PRONOR and has a background as an MBA and mechanical engineer.