If you have extreme operating environments, ceramic bearings are the solution. PRONOR IndustriTeknik stocks a wide range of ceramic bearings and can from one day to the next rebuild your motor with ceramic bearings.

The ceramic balls in a ceramic bearing are non-conductive and have an insulating property of at least 2.5 kW. Therefore, no power damage will result in the bearings, as is often the case when operating frequency converters. Ceramic bearings are also very suitable for contaminated environments where particles or water seep into the bearings and affect their performance.
With ceramic bearings, the service life is typically improved fourfold to eightfold. The life of the bearings is a very important factor in the production company’s overall operating costs. The costs for replacing bearing in terms of hours, additional materials and production stops are great and can be reduced significantly.

Ceramic bearings have lower energy losses than the corresponding bearings with steel balls. In terms of degrees of efficiency, this means that motors with ceramic bearings will be 0.7-1.3 percentage points more efficient on the smallest motors and 0.2-0.4 percentage points more efficient on motors of 90 kW or more.
The ceramic balls expand only one quarter compared to steel balls, and do not weld onto the raceways of the bearings. Therefore, ceramic ball bearings are very suitable for operating in environments with high temperatures.


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